Ethical Values

Contented workers make better knitwear…
We know this because right from the very conception of KuSan, our philosophy has always been to work honestly and ethically with our factories in Nepal. We seek to ensure the integrity of all products bearing the KuSan label and take our social and corporate responsibility very seriously. All staff involved with KuSan receives good wages and work fair hours in a healthy and safe environment.

Sufficient breaks, free staff food and the encouragement of collective bargaining and freedom of association further instil a sense of self worth and pride. We like to think that our hand knitters are the best in the world – many have been with us since KuSan started. You can be assured that there is absolutely NO child labour associated with KuSan. Outside the workplace, each year we contribute to community initiatives within the Kathmandu Valley.

Ethical Wool Farming
At KuSan, we are committed to making our collections with care – sustainable throughout every step of the way. We use New Zealand wool which is farmed with voluntary agreements to avoid ‘Mulesing’, we only use ‘ethical wool’ – Mulesing is a controversial practice that is commonly carried out in Australia to prevent flystrike.

Keeping our carbon footprint low
KuSan is also trying to do its bit for the environment. We ship our products by sea and use air freight as a last resort when seasonal deliveries are needed in time to meet our customers’ deadlines. The fact that our accessories are hand crafted goes a long way, but we cannot combat the emissions we create transporting our products on our own, so we make an annual contribution to Carbon Footprint. Pledges to Carbon Footprint Offsets are used to support projects that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and alleviate global warming. These funds support projects for energy efficiency & sustainable energy technology development. Carbon Footprint supports a range of sustainable energy projects around the world, including wind power, solar generation, and biomass. These projects also provide jobs in disadvantaged regions of the World. If you want to find out more and do your bit to help save the planet, please visit

Der Grüne Punkt – Duales SystemFor our German market, KuSan works with Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) founded in 1990 as the first dual system, and now a leading provider of take-back systems. These include close-to-home collection, recovery of sales packages, and also eco-friendly, cost-efficient recycling of transport packages. The Green Dot (“Der Grüne Punkt”) is worldwide protected and one of the most widely used trademarks.

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With ‘Sedex’ international social and environmental accreditation, daily support from the UK to help rebuild the lives of everybody affected by the earthquake, and an all-round commitment to keep sustainability and responsible production at the core of our values, we’re glad to say that love and respect are at the heart of every KuSan accessory.

We are affiliated to MADE-BY.
At Kusan, we are committed to giving our customers a collection that’s made with respect for people and planet.

We are now in our fifth year of collaboration with MADE-BY, the independent European consumer label for fashion companies who are transparent about the social, economic and ecological conditions throughout the whole supply chain of their collections. Its mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice. The MADE-BY label gives consumers the assurance that a brand produces with respect for people and planet to its best efforts.

With MADE-BY’s support, we are improving every element in the KuSan supply chain. We’ve now spent three years working on our home worker cooperative project and with our factory in Nepal with our aim to achieve international social and environmental accreditation, helping KuSan towards even more sustainable and responsible production.

We are proud that MADE-BY has endorsed our collection of recycled wool and fleece accessories. To see our latest scorecard click here

We’ll use whatever transport around to make sure you get your warm stuff!

We’ll use whatever transport around to make sure you get your warm stuff!